120Hz display may appear on Samsung Galaxy S11

A new design with higher refresh rate of this model might make you clear out your pocket again.

Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10e, and Galaxy S10 Plus were released in February 2019. It's likely that the new model of Samsung Galaxy S11 will release in yearly cycles during that time as well, or maybe it could be announced in MWC 2020 which will be in February.

Galaxy S11 Leak

Razer was the first OEM to utilize a 120 Hz show on its gaming smartphone. From that point forward, the gaming smartphone was utilizing higher refresh rates to enhance portable gaming. This year, the OnePlus presented a 90Hz display with the OnePlus 7 and Huawei did likewise with the Mate 30 Pro.

Galaxy S11 Leak

An unknown user has discovered hidden settings within the beta for Samsung's upcoming One UI update that offers a choice between 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rates. This giant Korean company may also use their SAMOLED for the display. The leaking also reveals the screen side of the Samsung flagship of the Galaxy S11e, Galaxy S11, and Galaxy S11 Plus will be 6.4 inches, 6.7 inches, and 6.9 inches – and they're all going to come with curved screens. Samsung Galaxy S11 could move the punch-hole camera to the top center of the screen, similar to the Galaxy Note 10 range. It will also be coming with a TA800 charger, 25w fast charging.

Galaxy S11 Leak Details