5 Best free music apps for Android and iOS to use in 2020

Free apps are not perfect, playback the songs with ads for free or get paid to get rid of ads.

Relaxing at home, traveling on the road, reading books in the library, doing exercise are such good activities for you all, and music is the best companion. Spending money to get the songs you'd like is a choice, however, your wallet is also limited for such a thing. Listening to free music is a better choice. Unlock your phones, even iPhone or Android devices, then what will your finger touch? To give you the choices of some free music apps to be an effortless pick. Just remember that you won't get it offline to listen due to its free version. You can pay some of your money to offline listening with their paid version.

This is the list of the 5 best music apps you should try in 2020. Anyway, these apps are available in the selected region according to their eligibility. In the case of the unavailable region, definitely, the US region is always available, use the best free ProtonVPN to get a virtual US location to eligibly access the app.

Spotify   Spotify
Price: Free / In-app Purchase
Google Play App Store


When there's a debate around the networks about the overall best music apps, the one clear name that immediately hits the mind is Spotify. It may be a direct competitor to Apple Music, you may think. And appropriately so as it is by far the most elegant and feature-rich music app for both iOS and Android.


The very intuitive user interface is what has always impressed me the most at Spotify. And with the vast music library comprising over 40 million tracks, it's always able to deliver every song you want to hear. The app pays particular attention to your interest and accordingly offers recommendations. Spotify currently has the best music recommendation feature of all the streaming services.

You can also create and post your own playlists of all your favorite songs with your friends and vice versa. You can unlock several imposing features with Spotify Premium. For instance, you'll be able to listen offline to your music, use the app without any advertising, and also get better sound quality. Additionally, Spotify comes with lots of podcasts.

And if you're a regular podcast user, you'd be delighted to have at your fingertips its vast library. It's now accessible in over 90 countries, and most of us can use it and use it.

Deezer   Deezer
Price: Free / In-app Purchase
Google Play App Store


Deezer would be a great choice for you if you have a rich taste for audio quality or find yourself an audiophile. Packed in with over 53 million songs, when it comes to numbers, this is second to none. It has a handy shuffle mode that makes finding new tracks relatively easy.


Will you want to keep perfectly ordered tracks? Well, the app gives you lots of configuration options, allowing you to arrange tracks based on artists and genres. You can also find podcasts, radio stations, outside music, to catch up with popular programs. You'll be able to experience higher quality music (320kBps) with Deezer Premium+, and use Alexa on compatible apps. More regions available than Spotify, Deezer is available in 182 countries, which can be a better choice of avoiding using VPN.

YouTube Music   YouTube Music
Price: Free / In-app Purchase
Google Play App Store


YouTube Music is a top-notch Google music service. If you want to keep a track of your favorite artists' official releases or singles, it'll keep your pace with your attention. Plus, it's known to provide the most suitable recommendations for a variety of things like your taste, place, and even mood.

YT Music

Another department where YouTube Music has made a great deal of progress is to optimize the whole UI, making it much easier to browse through covers, live recordings, remixes, and more. Additionally, an advanced quest plays a key role in locating a song or album quickly. But what's caught my eyes in this app is the hotlist that offers easy access to all the popular songs.

YouTube Music has one advantage in that it also helps you to watch official videos, live shows, and more from the web. This means you have access to various versions of songs on other free music streaming sites which is not always true. And if you're willing to spend some money, you can go to YouTube Music Premium for music listening, download, and more.

Speaking about quality, YouTube Music's paid version is available in more than 65 countries.

SoundCloud   SoundCloud
Price: Free / In-app Purchase
Google Play App Store


The largest music and audio streaming site in the world come here by a long shot! Loaded with over 180 million songs, SoundCloud will never let you go through a low phase of your music time. Anything on your radar will be there, from jazz, hip hop, classical, podcasts, and audiobooks you want to listen to or enjoy tuning into.


If you're always keen to keep up with the latest offers from top artists, the app will help you stay in the loop. You can join the big music lover's culture, and also interact with the artists you admire. You'll also be able to quickly access mixes, chart-topping tracks, and live sets. SoundCloud Go and Go+ can provide you with extra features such as offline listening, just 30 seconds demo, ad-free listening, and more.

Note that although the free version of SoundCloud is available worldwide, premium versions are only available at the narrowly selected regions.

Pandora   Pandora
Price: Free / In-app Purchase
Google Play App Store


Pandora could be the best way to go if you want your music app to not only allow you to stream songs but also to listen to radio and podcasts seamlessly. The best thing about this music app is full-on versatility that allows you to create stations based on your favorite tracks, bands, genres, and even. Thus, you have a more personalized experience listening to music.


Pandora knows pretty well on the suggestion front what sounds good to your ears, and curates songs that seem to suit your taste. As for podcasts, it has a library of more than 1,400 podcasts from well-known writers. You are getting unlimited skips and replays with Pandora Premium. In addition, it will also allow you to download music for offline listening and create custom playlists. 

And the Plus edition can provide you with unrestricted access to customizable stations and podcasts, as well as allowing you to tailor audio of higher quality. Remember that Pandora is not available outside of the US so bear that in mind before you settle on this query. Then, to get Pandora available on your device outside the US, ProtonVPN can help you with free VPN access.