5 Best mobile MOBA games to play for 2020

LoL: Wild Rift is going to launch in 2020, but will there be Beta Test in this year?

The smartphone is now getting better and a bunch of popular games is coming into the mobile platform that is an easy way to enjoy the game anywhere and anytime. Due to the popularity of the smartphone, many game developers start developing and distributing their game content into mobile platforms. Even some mobile manufacturers found that mobile game is going to be popular, they start selling their smartphones that are marketed as Gaming Smartphone as well.

LoL: Wild Rift

Both Android and iOS consist of many game genres you can play, but now let's talk about mobile MOBA games. League of Legends is one of popular MOBA PC game has dominated the world of MOBA PC games along with Dota 2. League of Legends has finally announced and expected to release in early 2020. You are absolutely hyped by this news. However, you have to sit down and stay calm for a big while to wait for Wild Rift to get released officially.

Thus, don't just take a seat and wait. Right now, you also can enjoy many awesome MOBA games that have similar gameplay to Wild Rift.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang   Mobile Legend: Bang Bang
Price: Free / In-app Purchase
Google Play App Store


Mobile Legend: Bang Bang (MLBB) is another great mobile 5v5 MOBA that has gained its fame unbreakably and is very popular in Southeast Asia. MLBB is developed by Moontoon and powered by the Unity Engine. Mobile Legend: Bang Bang previously was filed a lawsuit by Riot Game due to copyright infringement that revealed the similarities to Riot's League of Legend.

MLBB Screenshot

Mobile Legend: Bang Bang has its same visual look and gameplay as Arena of Valor, however, fewer graphics prefer in order to support a more selected range of mobile devices. Mobile Legend: Bang Bang has recently announced its comprehensive 2.0 update with the new Unity Engine version that brings you better content. There are plenty of heroes to choose for your battlefield and what is special is a collaboration between Moontoon and SNK in 2019 to deliver the SNK's KOF characters to players through skins in-game. The skins have KOF skill effects and voiceovers. The KOF series skins released in the game were Iori Yagami for the hero Chou, Leona Heidern for the hero Karina, Athena Asamiya for the hero Guinevere, Kula Diamond for the hero Aurora, K' for the hero Gusion, and Orochi Chris for the hero Dyrroth.

Arena of Valor   Arena of Valor
Price: Free / In-app Purchase
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Arena of Valor (AoV) is a 3D and third-person 5v5 MOBA game developed by TiMi Studios and published by Tencent Game for Android and iOS. Arena of Valor has marketed its title with different client downloads through Play Store and Apple AppStore. Actually, Garena is responsible to publish various editions of Arena of Valor for some countries in Southeast Asia such as Realm of Valor (RoV) for Thailand, Liên Quân Mobile for Vietnam, the same Arena of Valor for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippine and the rest of Southeast Asia Nation's countries are reached through another server-combined client that also consists of NA and EU servers. On September 25, 2018, Tencent released another edition for Nintendo Switch, unfortunately, it couldn't be played cross-platform between mobile and consoles because of its adjustment and optimization. 

Arena of Valor's tactical gameplay and visual look is developed based on League of Legends that is owned by Riot Game (a subsidiary of Tencent Game). Previously, Tencent approached and persuaded Riot Game to turn its popular League of Legends into mobile. However, this proposal got rejected by Riot Game and consequently claimed that League of Legends won't be able to be replicated on mobile. The failed proposal's result is Arena of Valor.

AoV Screenshot

Arena of Valor lets players compete in the matches which on average lasts for around 12 - 18 minutes. It has its sole gameplay like how all MOBA games do is players aim to destroy turrets on the map, in order to destroy the core and win the battle. There are some types of a hero which include Markman, Mage, Tank, Assasin, Warrior, and Support. Arena of Valor gives you over 80 heroes to choose from for your battlefield and also brings you some DC comic characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Joker.

Vainglory   Vainglory
Price: Free / In-app Purchase
Google Play App Store


Vainglory is a mobile MOBA that exploded onto the mobile scene in 2015 and it was the most popular mobile MOBA with 3v3 gameplay that let you play on the very tough battlefield required tactics to win in the 25-minutes match and later 5v5 released on February 13, 2018. Unlike AoV or MLBB, Vainglory has its unique visual and more competitive gameplay that allows players to play on the battlefield using touch control rather than joystick control we usually see on the mobile games since its initial release until the 3.4 update that brings back the joystick control on mobile. This probably caused by the later released mobile MOBAs such as AoV and MLBB give the joystick to easily control the gameplay on mobile than touch control that is preferable to play on the tablet. 

Vainglory Screenshot

Vainglory boasts a roster of over 25 heroes. Its designed characters also have a unique look. With a different game engine to AoV and MLBB, Vainglory leaves you shocked with its beautiful and high graphic 5v5 battle map. Vainglory hasn't just competed with other mobile MOBA, but also PC. From mobile to PC, Vainglory has released its desktop version on February 13, 2019, and become a cross-platform MOBA game.

Heroes Evolved   Heroes Evolved
Price: Free / In-app Purchase
Google Play App Store


Heroes Evolved (HE) is one of the mobile 5v5 MOBA games and has fair popularity. It is developed and published by R2Games. Heroes Evolved has some of the most unique features and features over 40 heroes including Kungfu Master Bruce Lee, a clan system, short match options, and more. Heroes Evolved has its gameplay and visual look that isn't too much different from AoV or MLBB.

HE Screenshot

Heroes Evolved are available to download from Play Store and Apple Store. It's also a cross-platform MOBA between desktop and mobile due to its availability on PC and Mac. Unfortunately, the desktop version doesn't go well and lasts long after being one year released on Steam and it has been shut down for years.

Onmyoji Arena   Onmyoji Arena
Price: Free / In-app Purchase
Google Play App Store


Onmyoji Arena is the last recommendation of this mobile 5v5 MOBA list. Onmyoji Arena is developed and published by NetEase. It features the elegant Japanese aesthetics and original voice talents to faithfully recreate Kyoto in the Heian era. This uniqueness leads Onmyoji Arena to be a different mobile MOBA that gives you a different taste you found in the other mobile MOBAs you are introduced above. 

Onmyoji Screenshot

Onmyoji Arena has some types of heroes such as Markman, Tank, Support, Mage, and the other two uniques, Ninja and Samurai. It has over 70 heroes that name in Japanese and all characters have their own unique skills and voice. If you are one of the Anime fans, Onmyoji Arena gives you great gameplay that lets you control those characters on your battlefield in your own style.