A new Firefox 70 browser coming with better features and new logo

Using a new Firefox will let you keep your laptop using longer with less power consumption.

Mozilla gave you the latest updates version 70.0 for your Firefox browser on October 22, 2019.

The latest Firefox is just called Firefox browser and no more Quantum that got into its grave. This new version will eventually update for you. If you aren't prompted for an update, you also can manually detect its latest update by clicking the menu icon, then "Help" and last "About Firefox". Soon, the browser will download and take you to version 70.0 with its new logo.

Firefox 70.0

A new Firefox 70 is reported that it efficiently consumes less power than the previous version according to Mozilla Gfx Team Blog where collectively describes battery usage reduced on macOS.

Firefox 69 and 70 Comparison

Moreover, Firefox automatically takes care of Privacy Protections and lets you view your own Privacy Protections report that shows what has been blocking. Once, you navigate to Gizmoir.com, this brand new Firefox learned everything running in the background and alerted blocking which you can view by simply clicking on the shield icon located in the address bar and select "Show report".

Tracking Protection

When you select "Show report", you will see all reports related to Privacy Protection. Not only will you get a somewhat detailed breakdown of how many trackers Firefox blocked over the past week, however, you’ll also get a quick overview of how many data breaches the email address associated with your Firefox account has been involved in lately.

Data Breach and Lockwise

At last, "Firefox Lockwise" is also shown and lets you know about your password which stored securely. Even more, all the passwords you stored can be synced by the Firefox account to your other devices.