Alienware’s Concept UFO handheld gaming PC shapes like a Nintendo Switch

A new Nintendo Switch-like Alienware's gaming handheld has its great look, wait! it runs the Windows 10.

Since Nintendo Switch's widespread popularity, technology companies have tried to find a way to get consumers portable gaming. Alienware is the latest company with its "Concept UFO" prototype, shown off at CES 2020, to take a shot at this.

Concept UFO

When we look at the Alienware Project UFO is enough to say that it's clearly inspired by Nintendo Switch. The company has applied its own touch to this handheld gaming PC, which will certainly align with its gaming laptops with a white plastic finish, geometric style, hexagon air vents, and rugged construction.

Concept UFO

Concept UFO has an 8-inch (1200p) display in the middle, as you can see. It is the main unit containing all the essential components, including the CPU, GPU, and battery. Alienware hasn't revealed the internal requirements at the moment, but we can expect the company at its keynote tonight to speak about it on stage.

Concept UFO

Two controllers, similar to Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers, surround the main panel. They are detachable and a single controller can be wired together. You can then connect the screen to a monitor or computer using either of the two USB Type-C ports onboard to enjoy games on a larger screen. The central device is assisted by a kickstand on the bottom.

Now, come to one of a handheld gaming machine's most important aspects, what can it do for all games? Well, there's a simple approach to Alienware here. Concept UFO runs Windows 10 with a custom launcher.

Playing on Concept UFO

You can launch games directly through this game launcher and it will power up the game through Steam. This means that you can go to Steam to install any of your favorite games to play on the go. The release was able to test games like Rocket League and Mortal Kombat 11 with "smooth and lag-free" gameplay.

Alienware Concept UFO is slightly more bulky and pocketable than the Nintendo Switch. This is only a prototype device at the moment, so it remains to be seen whether Alienware can bring this to life later in 2020 to carve a space alongside the Nintendo Switch for itself.