Apple's macOS Big Sur officially announced with a new redesign

The iOS's icons now appear on macOS.

Apple's WWDC 2020 is very interesting with macOS. The company reveals something new to refresh the user experience and one of them is macOS Big Sur.

macOS Big Sur is the next-gen operating system of its Mac devices. This new macOS gives the refresh by changing its design. macOS Big Sur has a developer beta out now, and a public beta will later follow in July. A stable release of macOS Big Sur won't happen soon but it will be released with the next Mac.

macOS Big Sur


macOS Big Sur is also very focused on the changes in design. The Mac is experiencing a lot of minor design and aesthetic changes. Apple ditches the round shape icons in the dock and now they float with a new shape of the iPhone and iPad. There are fresh, redesigned icons for most system apps, and more. There’s a new sidebar design in apps like Finder, along with a new toolbar that aims to put controls front and center but still out of the way.

Control Center

macOS Big Sur also introduces changes to how you manage system settings. The control options now look more like iOS than ever before. What's more, macOS Big Sur has a Control Center. The Notification Center has now been redesigned, too. You get notifications in one pane and widgets them all. That's unlike the two-pane system macOS used years before this.


In macOS Big Sur, Safari is visually overhauled too. More importantly, it will now be easy to find new Safari extensions as they have a dedicated section in the new App Store. Extensions are going to be more secure too. On a single website or all websites, you'll be able to give an extension access for just one day. These are important macOS privacy features that are added to Safari.

More changes are in the Mail app, Photos app, and so on.


The macOS Messages app is now stronger than ever. It has all the features which Messages have on iOS 14. You will get emoji stickers, conversation pinning, inline replies, and more.

There's also a new search, a redesigned photo picker and message effects support on the Mac.