Attach an email to an email and here's how to do it in Gmail

Do you like using Gmail as a webmail to read your mail?

Gmail has a bunch of tricks that help you to write your mail in a flow. In earlier this week, Google introduced another new feature that lets you send emails as attachments in Gmail. This new ability allows users to be able to consistently attach emails inside other emails without downloading them first.

Gmail Attach Email to Email

“Sending emails as attachments allows you to write a summary email message to your recipients, and attach the set of supporting emails that recipients can directly open in their mail client.”, wrote Google in a blog post.

In case you don't familiar with it, and here is how to send emails as attachments in Gmail.

1. Log in to your Gmail account, click on the "Compose" button to compose a new mail, and select the emails you'd like to attach in the email you’re composing.

Compose Email

2. Drag the selected emails and drop them on the Gmail compose window as you can see in the picture below.

Drag and Drop

3. The emails selected will now appear on the compose window as attachments, just as it appears after adding files to emails. Instead, when you click the vertical three dots button, you can pick the emails and click the "Forward as attachment" option.

Right Click to Attach

4. If you wonder how the attached emails look at the recipient’s end, take a look at the picture below.


Google implements the phased deployment cycle as normal, which introduces the functionality in phases for users. Don't worry if you don't have the feature yet. In the coming weeks, it will appear in your Gmail.