Best read-it-later apps let you save your article for reading later

No time to finish your favorite readings, just store them to read it later.

Web exploration is the best way to find articles to help you with every need. You found many good articles to read and find it help you, but occasionally your time won't leave you at least for a short read.  You seriously never let your articles lost. Then, these 3 apps will store your articles for you and you can get them back anytime you want to start reading them again. 

Instapaper   Instapaper
Price: Free / In-app Purchase
Google Play AppStore

Instapaper is a read-it-later app that lets you simply save and store your articles for offline reading you would do anytime and anywhere. This means you just keep any articles you like in Instapaper and get it back for continuing your reading on the go without an internet connection to your mobile. Instapaper is available on both, Android and iOS. its user interface is optimized for your particular devices.

Instapaper Screeshots

Pocket   Pocket
Price: Free / In-app Purchase
Google Play AppStore

Pocket is another read-it-later app that allows you to save articles, videos, and stories from any publication, page, or app. Pocket is available on Android and iOS. Even more, you also can save your articles with Pocket extension when you are using Chrome or Firefox to browse any content on PC. If you are a macOS user, you can download its standalone app for the Mac App Store.

Pocket Screenshots

Pocket   wallabag
Price: Free
Google Play AppStore

wallabag is a self-hosted read-it-later app that is completely free and open-sources made for you to comfortably read and archive your articles. Your favorite articles will be saved and stored in wallabag and they will be automatically synced on your every device such as phone, tablet, e-reader, or computer. wallabag is not just compatible only on Android, iOS, or Windows, however, you can use it by adding an extension in Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. If you own an e-reader among PocketBook, Kubo, or Kindle, it can be saved by wallabag as well.

Unlike the other two above, wallabag is also compatible with and supported by many RSS readers. 

wallabag Screenshots