Black Desert Mobile will globally launch soon and open to pre-download now

Download now to get free rewards and prepare yourselves to enjoy the MMORPG world.

On October 24, 2019, Black Desert Mobile started soft-launch and was available in regions. Pearl Abyss allows Black Desert Mobile to be downloadable today in Google Play and Apple AppStore.

Black Desert Mobile Pre-download

Black Desert Mobile will open its server to let everyone get into a 3D world on December 11, 2019. Not only pre-download, but you can also spend your time peacefully to create and customize your character looks, family name, and character as much as you’d like.

Black Desert Mobile Event Period

From today, its event period is ongoing until December 16, 2019, and available to everyone to have a chance for a reward.


Black Desert Mobile is a world-class MMORPG that features stunning graphics, amazing action, skill-based combat, and a character customization system. This feature allows every player to break out of the standard and create unique characters that really represent each game. Everything can be changed from the height, the width, the hairstyle, the face of the character down to the color of the eye, the length of the eyebrow, the amount of shine on the body, the color of the hair and so much more.

Black Desert Mobile   Black Desert Mobile
Price: Free / In-app Purchase
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