Call of Duty: Mobile is out, but unavailable in some regions

No more waiting, download and play the multiplayer shooting game wherever and whenever.

Activision and Tencent’s Call of Duty: Mobile is out on Android and iOS on October 1, 2019, after being in rigorous beta testing across multiple countries since July. Battle across recognizable maps, fight as iconic heroes like Ghost and Soap and participate in a battle royale the likes of which you’ve probably seen before.

COD Mobile Main Screen

This mobile version is developed by a video game development subsidiary of Tencent Games, Timi Studio, and powered by Unity Engine. It’s free to play, it’s mobile and, it’s what a console Call of Duty might look like if people weren’t so down on microtransactions and loot boxes. 

The focus is on progression, with new gear unlocked as players climb the ranks and access new loadout slots. Weapons have experience levels as well, with better mods and attachments unlocked at higher levels. There’s a store filled with cosmetic stuff to purchase and play with, daily login bonuses, special events—basically plenty of things to clutter up its nice-looking home screen.

Players can purchase in-game currency with real cash to help them make their soldiers and weapons look all pretty. This is Activision and Tencent, so expect plenty of ridiculous things to buy and ways to buy them.

Get into gameplay, you can choose one of two gameplays to play right now, Multiplayer and Battle Royale. Team Deathmatch is a mode of Multiplayer that has been going hot and it actually is awesome and impressive to play and there are plenty of maps you can choose.

COD Multiplayer 1COD Multiplayer 2COD Multiplayer 3

You won't be able to play the Battle Royale for the first time login and required to try out this Multiplayer gameplay in order to enjoy a popular Battle Royale gameplay.

COD Mobile

As for the Battle Royale, it supports up to 100 players, pulls together map locations from across many different Call of Duty games, and isn’t unlocked until level 7, which might take you a while. 

Even though it is globally released for all players around the world to try it out, however, some regions are not provided its download source for either Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

COD Mobile on Play Store

This can hurt iOS users to complicatedly change the region for getting download source. Android users are pretty luckier. Instead of Google Play Store, Call of Duty: Mobile is available to download from APKPure or, whichever you prefer.