China officially Kick-Start 6G research and development

China kick-starts development of 6G technology less than a week after rolling out its super-fast 5G network.

China has begun the research on 6G technology earlier this Wednesday with 2 established offices as indicated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, commencing the challenge for the next generation cellular data service that comes after 5G. Thus, one of the offices comprises of government responsible for the significant policy-making.


Wang Xi, deputy minister of the Technology Bureau, said at the conference that the bureau was set to work with the experts to design a specific research plan for 6G and carry out preliminary research. This is involving 37 specialists from colleges, research academies, and enterprises, who are relied upon to exhort policymakers, it said.


He also added that overall information regarding the innovation is still in an exploratory stage, without accord over its definitions and applications. The service will work with applicable divisions to reveal an arrangement for 6G advancement and work towards leaps forward in regards to its fundamental speculations, key innovations, and gauges.