Cyber Hunter, an alternative game to Fortnite from NetEase, to play now

It's not Fortnite but it's also fun to play.

You might know about the fight between Apple and Epic Game over Fortnite. The court had worked on this issue and made a judge while the winning side went to Apple. This matter occurred when Epic Game added its own payment system into Fortnite bypassing Apple's AppStore payment system that such an act is violated AppStore's Terms and Conditions.

Apple vs. Epic

After winning on judgment, Apple decided to continue to drop Fortnite out of the AppStore. All iPhone users and if they are the fan of Fortnite is getting stuck and nowhere to get the Fortnite back for playing.

However, you can get a very similar game, both graphics, and gameplay, to Fortnite from NetEase. It is Cyber Hunter.

Cyber Hunter

You can play solo, duo, or squad just like any other game. There are only two modes available in this game one is Classic mode and the other is Six Forces Blitz. But the game has several options which are really enjoyable and valuable. Those acts are velocity manic. The key and very different act are that of scaling a wall, which I don't think any other game has.

While Cyber Hunter follows the survival of Battle Royales' fittest style, it does have some distinctive differences. It includes notably a building tool such as Fortnite. The game's beauty comes in where players land using a jet-fueled hovercraft, and in the cool guns like microwave guns.

The inclusion of armed vehicles and the ability of players to scale any surface make the gameplay both exciting. Moreover, there are also other items like when a player leaps from an airplane, the player lands on a skateboard. Cyber hunter has downloads of more than 10 million. The game size on Android is 2.2 GB where its size on iOS is 3.5 GB.

Get it on your phone, especially iOS users to try it out.

Cyber Hunter   Cyber Hunter
Price: Free
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