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Dell reveals the foldable and dual-screen Windows PC, Concept Ori and Duet

2020 looks like a foldable and dual-screen era, even Dell has joined the team.

At CES 2020, Dell is coming with great attendance and now reveals the two more new concepts after Alienware’s Concept UFO with a familiar look that you've seen in Microsoft Surface event last year. Dell eventually reveals the Concept Ori and the Concept Duet to show foldable and double screen form factor respectively.

Dell's concept laptops are not just about Windows laptops that can be folded. While the Concept Ori is a folding Windows laptop, the Concept Duet is a dual-screen Windows laptop, identical to the Surface Neo displayed last year by Microsoft at its Surface Event.

Concept Ori

The Concept Ori is a foldable laptop with a 13.3-inch screen that can be folded to make it easier for the laptop to bring around. Also, there are more ways to use the laptop with the folding style.

Concept Ori

Its display can be used as a single large 13-inch screen, or you can put two windows, one on each screen, for easy comparison of documents, or when multiple items need to be viewed simultaneously on your laptop.

Concept Duet

The Concept Duet is more of a Surface Neo take. It comes with two separate displays separated by the laptop's character. Also for this definition, Dell showed a bunch of use-cases. Naturally, you can do the stuff you'd do about the Ori such as comparing documents, editing photos, and more, but Dell has also reportedly shown an eBook app where each screen showed one page of each book, making the experience more like reading an actual book.

Concept Duet

For Concept Duet, the Dell keyboard can be positioned on the bottom display, posting that the remaining part of the bottom display starts to serve as a touchpad for your laptop, enabling more conventional use cases with the Concept Duet.

Since these are just concepts, we can't say that they could be made publicly available, however, while Microsoft previously revealed Windows 10X, thus, it won't be surprised if Dell launches the Concept Duet device some times.