Everything's wrapped up from Sony at CES 2020

Sony just revealed the PS5 logo. Then what? Sony made a car.

Sony joined the CES 2020 event in Las Vegas and here's everything you should know from #SonyCES this year.

Unveiling the Sony PlayStation 5 logo

It was ridiculous for unveiling a new PS5 logo by just replacing number 5 with number 4 without an actual look of hardware. At that while, PlayStation's fans disappointed about its announcement at which everyone wants to see from Sony is not just a logo.

PS5 Logo

Anyway, at least Sony told everyone about its appearance availability that will be on holiday this year. Another thing that Sony was able to make its fans warm was showing up the PS5's features which are hyped to see soon. However, it's easy to understand why Sony didn't show off PS5 at CES 2020, because there will be an E3 event this year, as well as every game industry, will join to show their products. Sony must skip unveiling PS5 at CES 2020.

Purchasable and affordable TVs than just a concept

Sony, this year, didn't show any affords in its TV product due to unveiling the products with less new technology. The TV 2020 lineups are coming with the highest resolution 8K along with 4K as well. While we haven't seen the 2020 prices yet, there's a good chance that the Sony ZH8 series just announced will be considerably more affordable. It is the same story for A9 4K OLED TV now available in a convenient size of 48 in.

Sony TVs in 2020

Sony, however, moved the top-end apps as far as possible even further down the pecking order. So, you'll consider the screen vibrating speaker innovations, Sound-from-Picture Reality, and Acoustic Multi-Audio, down to the full-array LED TV set of Sony XH90, along with frame rates of 120fps at 4K resolution.

Being as a well-known audio industry with Sony 360 Reality Audio

360 Audio

Sony always revealed its advanced sound technology, now we didn't talk about its headphones products, obviously, 360 Reality Audio is introduced. With regard to 360 Reality Audio, it was about music producers taking the time to pick and place audio tracks in the soundscape, and giving the listener the feeling of that music through its spatial structure and tonal arrangement. At its Las Vegas show booth, Sony is demoing 360 Reality Audio via wireless headphones, a 360 firing wireless speaker, and also a soundbar.

Empowering how and what creators imagine

For creators

These are all about Sony's view technology which is introduced in various types including virtual production, eye-sensing, and Crystal LED display systems. In this category, Sony showed off how to display a great view of the video starting from the video production, then video quality, and last video display.

Sony made a car in history

Sony always made TV, smartphone, headphones, ..., but now Sony made a car. Sony did make its audience surprised at CES 2020 for showing its first-ever sedan electric car on its stage.

Sony Vision-S

The Vision-S is a concept made by Sony and very real as a drivable prototype. In the past, there has been plenty of talk about the likes of Google or making a car from Apple. But, when can we see them? we don't know and Sony made it first.

Sony Vision-S is packed with full Sony's technologies inside, of course, the car itself is made in corporate with Sony's partners. This electric car is a concept to bring all of Sony's technologies to reality and to make people feel in the real world by delivering safety and reliability rather than just imaginary.