Firefox VPN dedicatedly launches in beta for Android

Mozilla cares about your privacy.

Mozilla continues its legacy to keep users private at its best. You may know through the newest version of its Mozilla Firefox browser by adding a free integrated VPN service in beta. 

Mozilla gives you a try of VPN service since September 2019 with a return of Firefox's Test Pilot Program. The browser-integrated Firefox VPN has still been in its beta testing and Mozilla finally brings it to Android and releases the VPN service as a dedicated app. Even it's in Beta, Firefox VPN has landed in Google Playstore.

Firefox VPN   Firefox Private Network VPN
Price: USD4.99
Google Play 


Firefox VPN on Android

For now, the app is available to all approved users in the US. Shortly, Firefox will extend its service to more areas. If you are interested in testing Firefox Private Network, you are welcome to join the VPN waitlist.

Mozilla's Firefox Private Network is powered by Mullvad and uses the WireGuard protocol. The organization promises it will not infringe on your privacy by avoiding the practice of network activity logging.

You can download the app for free, but you need to pay for using its service, unlike the VPN in-browser. You will have to pay to use the VPN service full-device at USD4.99 a month during the beta program for up to 5 devices. Firefox Private Network helps you to pick more than 30 countries from servers.

Firefox Private Network beta testing is now available on some platforms such as Windows 10, Android, and ChromeOS. According to its expansion plan, it will be available later on iOS, macOS, and even Linux.