Google announces a new short video app Tangi to focus on DIY projects

Tangi is inspired by Pinterest and looks TikTok-alike video app.

Google announced a new vertical video short-form application called Tangi. The app originates from Google's Area 120 experimental lab. Google's mission with Tangi is to provide a one-stop destination for short DIY videos, tutorials, and art. The software resembles a Pinterest and TikTok hybrid.

Tangi allows users to create vertical videos of up to 60 seconds and share videos on topics such as sewing, painting, cooking, fashion, beauty, and much more. Unlike the entertainment-focused TikTok, Tangi aims to help people learn.


The app includes a "Try It" feature, which allows viewers to replay the video and post their submissions. Instead, creators should view the video to offer suggestions in the comments. In this way, the app is trying to build a community to create a healthy interaction between creators and viewers.

You can view the videos you liked whenever you wish in your profile from the "Liked" section. Also, the profile shows you the total number of views and likes along with the number of followers for all of your videos. It is worth noting that when they visit your profile, your liked videos are private and will not be available to others.

You may not be able to upload videos on Tangi if you want to start using the platform as the app is not currently open to all. Creators need to apply to be a part of the video platform, allowing the company to keep its videos based on innovation and DIY activities.


You can enter the waitlist to get video creation access early. Nevertheless, you can view the videos already present on the platform via the iOS app and on the web. Unfortunately, Google has no news yet about an Android app.

The app can be downloaded free of charge and is ad-free, though there is no way the company can monetize it right now.