Google brings Chat to Gmail app and now you can enable to preview, here's how

You have had Meet for meeting in Gmail app, now you have Chat.

Back last year, Google showed off the new home for work that packed into only one place, its Gmail. This the way that Google wants to make its Gmail app more feature-packed.


Google began rolling out new dedicated tabs for Rooms, Meet, and Chat in the Gmail app. According to news, Google is now providing free support for Chat and Rooms to all Android users.



Now it is spotted that Google has started rolling out the new Chat integration to the Gmail app for free users. However, it is disabled by default while It is currently in ‘Early Access’ and users can enable it from the settings.

Follow the steps below to try it out:

Note that you have to be on the latest version of the Gmail app on your Android device, here is how to enable the Chat tab:

1. Open the Gmail app, and tap on the three horizontal lines (Menu button) at the top left to open the side menu. Then, scroll down and find the ‘Settings’.

2. Click on the google account, on the settings page, you will find a new “Chat (Early Access)” option. Enable the feature by tapping the checkbox, followed by the “Try it” button to confirm the action.

It enables now. Go back to your inbox in the Gmail app, you will notice that there are two new tabs along with Mail and Meet at the bottom navigation bar. Not only the Chat tab, but another tab is also Rooms.

According to XDA Developers, the Gmail app also has a pop-up card to turn off duplicate notifications. This pop-up card will recommend that you disable Google Chat alerts to avoid being alerted twice for each post. As a result, your notification panel will be less cluttered, and only alerts from the Gmail app will be visible.

This feature is currently in early access on Android devices and for iOS users, it may arrive in the coming weeks. You can face any issues on this preview, however, you can disable it at any time.