Google Pixel 4, what we know about the most leaked phone ever

The Pixel 4 is expected to unveil in October 15th, and this most leaked ever phone looks pretty awesome.

The Pixel 4 is coming. We’ve known it by its official Made by Google, revealing about its event expected to happen this October on the Twitter post.

Made by Google

Moreover, it can be said the most leaked ever phone is this next Pixel, not just only images, but it has been revealed in a hands-on video by Rabbit TV. This hands-on video leaves us every angle on the Pixel 4 which actually it is and has the same look on the back image being tweeted by Made by Google. We would probably assume it is the Pixel 4 as it looks like, however, the real one must be announced on the stage by Google itself.

Pixel 4Pixel 4

Pixel 4Pixel 4

What we know: The Pixel has the rear triple camera set up similarly to new released Apple iPhone 11 Pro, but we would say it has better looking and you would too. Luckily, Google ditches the deep notch on the upper front we found in the previous gen-Pixel. Instead, the big bezel on the upper part is coming with the thinnest bezel on the lower part. It’s a weirdo. Its varieties of color are Black, White, and a pretty look, Orange.

Some we might know, but not sure: Most people always concerns about the display, camera, CPU performance, and battery. Actually, we aren’t able to tell you now about all components of the device. We have heard about the rumored specs as well, and it should be like that. We will wait to see each together in October this year.