Here's what we expect to see in February at MWC 2020

More new smartphones are coming, choose your favorites!

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 has gone and another is coming soon in February this year for tech lovers, and it's MWC 2020.

What is MWC 2020? MWC fully called Mobile World Congress is another very big event that is held every year in Barcelona, Spain. As its name suggests, MWC's known that it mostly focuses on new smartphones and mobile technology, though rather than just mobile, it also features other gadgets.

MWC 2019

Then, what are we expecting to see in MWC 2020 event? As we've ever seen MWC every year, we're expecting major announcements from many giant technology industries such as Sony, Samsung, Huawei, LG, and more, and yes! actually, we've also heard some rumors ahead of this show.

MWC always takes place every February for showcasing many gadgets, especially smartphones, and most of them launch later in Spring. MWC 2020, this year, will come out in an exact period mainly starting from Monday, February 24 to Thursday, February 27, 2020. Even though, you will see more news appear soon ahead of the event eventually taking place. Due to many tech giants will have their appearance at the press conferences that will concretely be held on Sunday, February 23, so we're going to be excited to see many new products over the days.

MWC 2020

One month before MWC 2020, though, we've heard from news and rumors around over the internet and we assumed that they're going to happen.

Sony: Many leaks have revealed with some images of the next Xperia devices, but we're not sure about the real name yet, while it seems to announce many lineups in one event such as is Sony Xperia 5 Plus, the new Xperia 1, or Xperia 3. The next smartphones from Sony will come with its CinemaWide 21:9 aspect ratio the same as the previous Xperia 1 and Xperia 5.

Samsung: Unpacked event has announced and it will show up on February 11 with its new smartphone, the Galaxy S20, just before MWC 2020. Thus, in case Samsung will probably announce other gadgets rather than smartphone lineups such as the next Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Watch or even other mid-rangers of its smartphone.

Huawei: Foldable smartphone is expected to unveil and it might be the next-gen of its Mate X. The device itself was impressive and made a big wave among all foldable devices along with Samsung Galaxy Fold. Not just hardware, Huawei might show off its software as well as the operating system for its next devices. Then, let's wait to see what will come out. 

LG:  The LG V60 ThinQ will probably launch at MWC 2020, according to rumors, after keeping silent on releasing new smartphones for a while. LG is believed to come again to challenge its rival with the same nationality Samsung. 

Oppo: Many smartphones appear from this Chinese smartphone manufacturer in a year, and this Chinese brand presently makes a surprise of its new technology in mobile technology. Previously, we saw the great and impressive flagship form Oppo and it is Find X. The company itself is reportedly going to unveil the next-gen.

After the 5 brands above, Xiaomi, Nokia, and more also join the show and they will show off their new products on the stage. However, we absolutely won't see new smartphones from Apple while Apple has never presenced its official appearance at MWC. Rather, Apple will show off its next iPhone at its WWDC.