How to check and monitor the laptop's battery health on Windows 10

You can easily monitor your laptop's battery health.

Are you caring about your laptop's battery? Most Windows 10 laptops out there always have a dead battery after maybe 2 or 3 years, but you can get it longer if you have more caring about the battery by monitoring it and learning how to keep it healthy for a long lifespan.

For monitoring your laptop's battery life, you will ask how to do so. So if you really love your favorite one, please now read this. Now you can check it by generating your battery usage report by a good method. It is not how you think it should be due to having no button to generate that report, though, it is easy to do even you are not an advanced Windows 10 user. Windows 10 laptops have a Battery Report feature that shows whether your battery is still functional or has reached the end of its life cycle. You are able to have an HTML-format file that shows you the battery usage data, capacity history, and life estimates with just a few simple commands. This report will let you know if it needs to be replaced long before it fails.

Here are the useful steps to get your laptop's battery report:

1. In order to generate the report, you need to use Windows Command Prompt or PowerShell. Now, let's use the PowerShell in your Windows 10. There are many ways to launch it, though, the less complicated one is better to know.

Drag your mouse over Windows 10's Start icon, then use your mouse's Right Click, next click on Windows PowerShell (Admin)

Note that you must choose Windows PowerShell (Admin), not Windows PowerShell. It requires your system's admin access to get it done.


2. Use the reserved keywords "powercfg", then following by "batteryreport" (this is actually what you need, right?), next "output" (this is what indicates your report's destination to be located after generation is completed). Between keywords, you have to use "/" to separate them. Type or copy and paste the following in the PowerShell and Enter.

powercfg /batteryreport /output "C:\battery-report.html"

Now you can view your battery report. As above, your report file will be "battery-report.html" and locates in your drive "C:".


Double click on your battery report file to view it in your default browser.

Battery ReportBattery Report