How to enable the Google Incognito on your mobile

You'd better to use incognito mode if you'd like to keep yourselves private.

Maybe as a gesture to developing worries about advanced conduct following, especially area following, Google has presented a pile of security upgrades. Among them: another Incognito Mode for Maps, which keeps Google from sparing particular kinds of information and expels personalization contacts from its Maps application. Simply don't expect it makes your movement untraceable. And now, the feature is finally available to everyone using the navigation app on an Android device.

Incognito Map

You don't need to sign out of your Google record to appreciate an improved level of protection. Simply switch it on and off at whatever point you need your Maps information not to be related to your Google account. While in secret Maps is on, Google won't save search history or send notifications, it won't refresh your Location History or shared area information, and it won't utilize individual information to personalize Maps, as the company clarified in its support document.

Follow these steps below to enable your incognito:

Open the Google Maps app

GMap with Account

Tap on your profile picture

GMap Account Login

Tap on “Turn on Incognito mode”

Incognito GMap