How to read article feed in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook originally has RSS Feeds function to allow you to subscribe any article feeds you like.

If discovering the advantages from the particular articles is your hobby, then you should use the Read-it-later app to store your useful articles for reading later or even get it to read again. One more thing you should do if you found any websites that always leave you their unique usefulness from articles, you may need to subscribe to get new updates from them. 

There is a method to get you every useful update on time. You should use Microsoft Outlook's RSS Feeds function which is natively integrated. Here is how to add your favorite feeds into Microsoft Outlook.

1. Open your Microsoft Outlook desktop app, and find the RSS Feeds on the left pane under your email address account. Once, you found it, operate the right-click on it, and then you will find Add a New RSS Feed on the mouse menu.

Microsoft Outlook 1

2. Select Add a New RSS Feed and you will see a popup dialog to let you add the feed address. Then just click Add to continue.

Microsoft Outlook 2

3. After adding the RSS feeds, then get back to the left pane you will see your feed name. You can enjoy every update and read your useful article.

Microsoft Outlook 3