How to read article feed in Opera browser for PC

Opera has even more advantage features such as VPN, Ads Block, Flow and so on.

You have learned about how to read an article feed in Microsoft Outlook. The Opera browser also can do the same thing.

The Opera browser originally has a left sidebar that functions as a container holding some apps and features to allow you to get into them instantly. You will see one of them is "Personal news" where you can preferably add any article sources. Besides, you can also select the languages to display content in any language.

How to read an article feed in the Opera browser:

1. If you don't have Opera installed on your computer, go to to download. Once, Opera is installed, open the browser.

Personal News Page

2. Take a glance on the left side, you will see the sidebar. At there, point your mouse and click on the "Personal new" icon to open up its page. In case you don't see the "Personal new" icon, take a look at the lowest part of the sidebar and click on the horizontal three dots button, put a checkmark on the "Personal new" to add its icon to the sidebar itself.

Personal News Page

3. At "Add sources", find either your favorite websites or topics and click "+" to add them to "My sources".

Personal News Page

4. Additionally, you also can add the article feed from other sources besides built-in sources. Copy RSS feed URL and paste it into the search bar, once a link pops up, click "+" to add them to "My sources".

5. Soon, the articles will be retrieved and show on the page. You can customize its view by toggling its view to a list or grid.

Personal News Page