How to share files with end-to-end encryption using Firefox Send

Firefox gives you a smarter way to easily send your files to someone.

Mozilla Firefox just introduced a new Firefox browser with a new logo and great features such as Firefox Monitor and Lockwise which focus on privacy protection.

Another feature integrated into the Firefox browser is Firefox Send which went out on beta since March 12, 2019. Firefox Send is a free online file-sharing service with end-to-end encryption, able to handle files up to 2.5 GB, and let users set the limit of download and access expiration.

Firefox Send can be reached to use through its URL, or you can use it from the Firefox browser by navigating the User icon on the right corner and take a look at the bottom of the dropdown dialog, and you'll see Firefox Send there.

Sign in to Firefox

Once you got navigated to the Firefox Send interface, you can share any files you'd like for anyone using the steps as below:

Now you drag your file from your desktop or wherever in your PC and drop it. You can also click to upload your file up to 1GB without signing in and create an account if you don't have yet and sign in for being able to upload up to 2.5GB.

Firefox Send

After that, you can set its access expiration chosen from 1 to 100 downloads or 1 day to 7 days. Firefox Send also allows you to encrypt your download access with any passwords.

Firefox Send

There are no many things to do more, just click Upload and you will be brought to a new page that leaves you a download link for your file.

Firefox Send

It's time to copy the link and share your file with the others.