How to switch to Google Search instead of Microsoft Edge's default Bing Search engine

Bing Search is a good alternative to Google, but use this guide if you are more familiar with Google.

Microsoft remarkably launched the new Edge browser by dropping EdgeHTML and embracing Chromium for Microsoft Edge. The new Edge has been hailed by everyone from users to experts as a competitive alternative to Google Chrome. It offers lower battery consumption, has an integrated anti-tracking system, and fewer RAM capacity consumption than Chrome. 

This makes it even more popular than before due to its fast speed loading and what is mentioned above. However, everything has never been perfect and the new Edge is originally set Bing as a default search engine. As we know, Bing is one of Microsoft's products. It's actually good and comparable to Google Search and you can keep using it, but just in case, you are used to Google Search, this guide will let you move from Bing to Google (or other search engines as well) with only 3 steps.

Method 1

1. Microsoft's made it more difficult for users to access the search engine change option (Microsoft just wants you to stick with its Bing Engine). Here, you have to click on Three Dots navigation on the right top that is in the same row to search bar, and then go to Settings.

Method 1.1

2. Choose Privacy and services and scroll down to Services section > Address bar > Search engine used in the address bar and Search on new tabs uses search box or address bar.

Method 1.2

3. At the Search engine used in the address bar, choose Google to be the default search engine (or your favorite search engines) and you have to change to Address bar rather than the Search box at Search on new tabs uses search box or address bar.

Method 1.3

Method 2

1. This is an easier method. You just copy this address edge://settings/search and open it on Edge to quickly switch to the Search Engine Settings tab.

2. Click the first drop-down menu here and switch it to Google (or any other search engine you choose).

3. Though not all of that. You will need to change to the Address Bar instead of the Search box that automatically defaults to Bing and no matter what the default search engine you set as yours. Click on new tabs will switch to the Address bar after you have done that.

You can choose one of the methods above whichever you think it's better for you.