How to use OpenVPN GUI client on Windows 10

Import VPN profile to enable users to send and receive data anonymously and secure your Windows 10 device.

OpenVPN is an open-source and free VPN creating secure online access from point to point or site-to-site. Due to free of charge, there is something to do with OpenVPN to get it secure your devices. If you want OpenVPN to secure your Windows 10 PC, jump to the tutorial to get it worked. Before that, in case you are not familiar with VPN, you can start to know it by following our previous article

Install OpenVPN GUI Client

Firstly, open your web browser and go to OpenVPN's official website, then scroll down to see the download links.

OpenVPN Download

Once you found the download links list, choose WINDOWS 10 INSTALLER (NSIS) to get the download. Just remember that the links may be changed anytime by their own right. The installer file is ended with ".exe" extension. Then, run the installer to start the installation wizard that looks like as below.

OpenVPN Installation Wizard


Now, click Next to continue the installation and In the "Choose Components" step, leave the default selections as they are. Follow its next steps to complete the installation.

Choose Components

Import the VPN Profile (.ovpn)

After its setup process is completed, navigate to the Windows menu or use Search to find where it is and click to open the client "OpenVPN GUI".

Windows 10 Search

If you had .ovpn client profile, it's time to import it. Contrarily, if you have not got it yet, you can download it from VPN Gate. VPN Gate is Public VPN Relay Servers from several countries that voluntarily provide you ".ovpn" profile for free. 

VPN Gate

In the OpenVPN Configuration File download page,  there are two parts and choose one of them which you prefer.

When you own the OpenVPN profile, it's time to import ".ovpn" profile. Right-click on the OpenVPN system tray icon and select Import file...

Start OpenVPN

Once, you imported the profile and connect to start using your VPN. OpenVPN's icon tray will turn from white to yellow and it will turn into a green color. Your OpenVPN now secures your Windows 10 PC.

OpenVPN Tray Icon YellowOpenVPN Tray Icon Green