Huawei planned to launch a newly-improved Mate Xs in 2020

Huawei keeps the same design, not yet use the Motorola foldable style.

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020, Chinese mobile giant Huawei announced plans to unveil the successor to its previous-gen foldable Mate X. The smartphone will come with several improvements to be named the Mate Xs over its predecessor, the first-gen Mate X that was released last month after it was first unveiled at MWC 2019. According to annoucement, it won't join the trending Motorola Razr foldable style yet.

Huawei Mate Xs

The Mate Xs will have an improved hinge mechanism along with a more robust glass, both of which are expected to make the smartphone more durable than its predecessor, according to Huawei Consumer Group CEO, Richard Yu. Yu also added that the app is likely to be launched in China by March 2020, but for its global launch he has not given an ETA.

Huawei had confirmed earlier that the Kirin 990 processor would power its 2nd-gen folding smartphone, which will be an improvement over the Kirin 980 which powered the 1st-gen model. The rest of the Mate Xs' tech specs are still under wraps for now, but hopefully in the coming days we'll get more info.

Now, Huawei will hope that the new screen and hinge used in the forthcoming Mate X model would prove to be more stable and avoid any of the problems that plagued the original Mate X. Mate X was met with several postponements due to these issues and eventually went on sale earlier last month.

But we're looking forward to seeing if Huawei has a more affordable Mate X model in the works to contend against the Galaxy Fold 2. Recently, the real-life photos for the next-gen Galaxy Fold leaked and a more affordable price tag is expected to arrive.