Microsoft Edge's gone and a better version of Edge's here

You'll feel different from what you've experienced in the old Microsoft Edge with this new one.

Microsoft has been trying many years to bring a great Windows 10's built-in browser from Internet Explorer with a bunch of different editions and later Edge. Unfortunately, a hard try hasn't seeded. Microsoft's all browsers, as always, is underperformance compared to its rivals such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that are more favorable for users to install on their devices.

Finally, Microsoft shows us with its effort by releasing a new nicely-looked Edge this year after being under last year's development. The new Edge is developed to support all well-known and most-used operating systems after every edition of Windows itself, such as macOS, Android, and iOS.

Edge for all devices

Microsoft Edge was originally powered by its own EdgeHTML browser engine that Microsoft decided to get rid of and brought you the new Chromium-based Edge powered by Blink browser engine. Even though the new edge hasn't integrated into the latest Windows 10 yet, maybe soon in the next edition, you have to go to to download if you'd like to try. 

Microsoft still uses its habit by forcing you to download its browser as always, but this new Edge gives you more hope rather than a rejection to get it installed. Due to using the same browser engine as Google Chrome, Microsoft has done a great job with a delightful performance similar to Google Chrome you've experienced. You can tweak your Edge browser by installing addons from its web store and even from Chrome Web Store.

Download Edge for OS

Here's how to download and install Microsoft Edge:

1. Go to Microsoft's Edge webpage and select either the Windows or other operating systems from the download menu. 

2. Tap Download, tap Accept and Download on the next dialog screen and then tap Close.

3. Open the installation file in the Downloads folder and then tap through the installer wizard to install it. This may ask you to update from installation to replace your old Edge.

4. Once installed, Edge will automatically startup. If you have already installed the Chrome browser, Edge will ask if you want to import your bookmarks, autofill info, and history from Chrome, or start from scratch. You can import your browser data later if you decide to start from scratch.

You can also tap the Customize import button at the bottom of the import window to bring in your data from Firefox.

Tap Allow to let Edge import your data.

5. Next, choose what you want Edge to show for you, Inspirational, Informational or Focused and tap Next.

6. If you have multiple devices running the new Edge, the browser will ask on the next screen if you want your data to be synchronized across devices. Tap the toggle for Yes or No and then tap Next.

7. Finally, toggle Yes or No depending on if you want Microsoft to personalize your browsing experience and then tap Confirm.

The new Microsoft Edge is way much better if we compare it to its previous edition. We can say it's now truly challenging to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Give it a try!