Microsoft introduced a new Microsoft Edge with redesigned logo and Bing

You'll get a new look and browsing experience from the next Edge browser and efficient search by Bing.

Firefox browser had redesigned its logo and delivered its new features and logo to users as we reported to you already. Recently according to the official Windows blog, Microsoft unveiled a new redesigned logo that no longer looks like the Internet Explorer, and the newly designed logo look more like a wave.

Old and New Edge Logo

A Chromium-based Edge browser is planned by Microsoft to release in early 2020 coming with its new logo. Microsoft will give its availability to download on Windows and macOS on January 15, in more than 90 languages. This new Edge runs on the same Chromium web engine as Google's Chrome browser which offers you the best in class web compatibility and performance.

Microsoft also let us know about search engine service, Bing which will bring you new experiences to save you time searching rather than you did before. 


New experiences to Microsoft Search in Bing to save you time searching for information inside your company. If you'd like to find your company information, you just type in the address bar to search for people, using natural languages, such as by their titleteam name, and office location. Even more, you can also search for office location, with answers that show floor plans for directions. You can get definitions for company acronyms and use a broad set of questions and answers to find internal company information.

Bing Search Result

Bing also gives you the same experiences on mobile as you get in a desktop browser. You can still use Bing to uncomplicatedly and informationally show you the search result. 

Bing Search on Mobile

Microsoft Edge is built to be a browser that cares about your privacy. Tracking prevention is a new function default in this Edge browser which lets you track the information about who has access to your data. You are able to have a great private browsing experience with no require you to take any action and the reason is Microsoft Edge will take you into tracking prevention by default. Tracking prevention consists of Basic, Balanced which is recommended by Edge and Strict that allows you to choose how strict you prefer.

Tracking prevention

Microsoft Edge and Bing work simultaneously and also offer new InPrivate mode across your entire web experience so your online searches and browsing are not attributed to you, offering you more control over your personal data.