Microsoft is redesigning the Windows logo and app icons

Microsoft is trying to modernize thier operating system and apps with new design philosophy.

Microsoft reveals the new design of the Windows logo and over 100 app icons for the operating system. Such icons belong to the various services, tools, and apps offered by Microsoft, and the redesign aims to bring them all into line with Microsoft's "Fluent Design".

New Microsoft Icons

Microsoft decides to make a wave of new design and it's part of a larger push to modernize the app icons based on its Fluent Design philosophy. Microsoft continues to concentrate on cleaning up the Windows icon issue as part of its development efforts. Actually, Windows 10 has plenty of different settings and device icons, with some outdated decades-old icons.

New Microsoft Icons

You have probably known that Microsoft has tweaked the new design language to the latest Microsoft Office as well as many app icons in Windows 10X when the company announced its dual-screen devices. It seems that Windows 10X is part of the answer to this matter. As part of their Windows 10X launched earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled a slightly tweaked Windows logo. Windows 10X even has a new Start menu and no more Live Tiles that you've seen in current Windows 10.

Windows 10X

The existing Windows logo has a flat and blue color, while the new logo looks more like a gradient of blue with each quarter representing a different color. The company also earlier revealed its new designed water wave icon of its Edge browser with gradient blue. Even more, Microsoft is tweaking other parts of Windows 10X, including how you can quickly access the settings panels, the notification center, and more.

Fluent Design

This will take more time to bring a new set of icons into the operating system while Microsoft is working on redesign moderately. With Fluent Design, Microsoft has not just focused on Windows app icons, but also mobile.