Microsoft will end the Windows 7 support soon, upgrade to Windows 10 now

Good bye! Windows 7

Are you still using Microsoft Windows 7? If such, you are recommended to upgrade to Windows 10 now.

Microsoft launched its Windows 7 system in 2009 and this 10 years old system will come to an end on January 14, 2020. Microsoft certainly does not want users to continue to use the old system, so with a big warning, it will urge users to upgrade to the new system.

Windows 7

Microsoft also posted about "Support for Windows 7 is nearing the end" to alert all Windows 7 users. Due to the end of support, Windows 7 will be vulnerable and the following supports will no longer provide:

1. Technical support for any issues

2. Software updates

3. Security updates or fixes

Not only that, but Microsoft also gives a desktop warning to push its users to avoid the use of the out-of-date operating system. Microsoft shows us its strong recommendation to move on and start using the latest Windows 10 that Microsoft has been trying to make even more modern in every corner of the new system itself.

Windows 7 Out of Date

Even though, the company still gives an option to avoid the annoyance of full-screen alert notification with "Don't remind me again" in the lower-left corner. Also, there's a "Remind me later" option that will warn you every regular time. It won't stop unless the users click on "Don't remember again".