Opera GX gaming browser finally arrives for macOS

Playing games on macOS?

Opera has earlier launched a custom GX browser for gamers this year. Not waiting so long, Opera GX has arrived for macOS and you can download it now.

Opera GX was built specifically to support gaming and contains "unique features" that the company says to help players get the most out of both gaming and browsing. One of the browser's main features is an integrated ad-blocker that can be turned off quickly if you want to support a developer.

Opera GX Ram Limit

The browser also allows users to set limits on how much RAM and CPU can be used. According to Opera, The app will try to stay at or below the specified allocation of memory, but it will prefer experience over the specific amount of memory. There is also a CPU Limiter that allows users to set a limit on CPU usage. So that the remainder can be reserved for gaming.

Some social media like Twitch, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and VK are also fully integrated into Opera GX. The integration with Twitch is a big deal for a gamer, as it helps them to keep a tab on their channels by sending out updates whenever one of them goes live.

A lot of themes and configuration options are available for the browser, including specially designed wallpapers, backgrounds, and more.