PeaZip and 7-Zip: Free alternative file archiver utilities to WinRAR for PC

High efficient file archiver ultilities you should try, they are recommended.

Having some files and placing groups of those files within compressed containers, and it called Archives. Most operating systems, e.g. Microsoft Windows, have built-in support for ZIP, an archive file format for data compression. Not only ZIP but there are also many data compression formats. Among those, there is a RAR format that belongs to WinRAR. WinRAR is a popular file archiver for Microsoft Window, and it allows you to get a trial before you buy.  

If you want a free one instead of making a purchase, PeaZip and 7-Zip are here for you.

PeaZip   PeaZip
Windows / Free
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PeaZip is a free and open-source file archiver utility allows you to run extracting and archiving operation for your files. It also supports a cross-platform, full-featured but user-friendly alternative to WinRAR, and compatible with many formats such as001, 7Z, ACE(*), ARC, ARJ, BZ2, CAB, DMG, GZ, ISO, LHA, PAQ, PEA, RAR, TAR, UDF, WIM, XZ, ZIP and even more.

The user interface of PeaZip is great-looking coming with colorful icons, showing and operating as a file manager for your system as well including toolbars, sidebar, and files directory container.



7-Zip   7-Zip
Windows / Free
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7-Zip is also the same as PeaZip. It's a free and open-source file archiver developed by Igor Pavlov.


7-Zip creates 7z-format archives with a .7z file extension by default. It comes with a file manager along with the standard archiver tools and each archive can contain multiple directories and files. Its file manager has a toolbar with options to create an archive, extract an archive, test an archive to detect errors, copy, move, and delete files, and open a file properties menu exclusively. Contrary to Windows Explorer, it also displays hidden files.