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Perfect World makes its return to Mobile Platform

A long time ago, a best game ever to play has returned. See you all around in a fantasy Xianxia.

After the first release in Windows platform around 12 years, Perfect World has returned into the Mobile platform, for both iOS and Android users.

Perfect World Mobile is a free-to-play 3D adventure and fantasy mobile RPG with Chinese Xianxia themed look. Perfect World Mobile has just been coming to the US, as well as global in this week.  Its return restores all great memories in around 12 years ago, and let you see its beautiful and stunning PC-level graphic on your palms.

Now diving into Perfect World Mobile!

1. Create a character

Perfect World Mobile allows a player to create a character choosing from 3 races, Human, Elf and Untamed as male or female due to its availability to each race. Once you use one among those races, you able to customize how you want your character looks.

Create a character     Create a character    

Create a character     Create a character

2. Choose your class

Perfect World Mobile gives you 5 classes to choose in this release including Wizard, Blademaster, Cleric, Archer and Barbarian.

Choose your classChoose your classChoose your classChoose your classChoose your class

You can find out more in its official website: https://www.playperfectworld.com/.