PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 Update: New TDM map, Royale Pass Season 10, and more

Get ready to be on the playground with the new season 10!

The new update 0.15.5 will start from November 08th. Unlike previous updates, PUBG Mobile says it won’t take down its server offline during this update. PUBG Mobile also revealed that Android users will require roughly 210 MB of storage space whereas iPhone users will need about 240 MB of storage. All users who update before November 14th will get 20 silver coins, 2000 BP, and a blue glider trail as a reward.

PUBG: Fury of the Wasteland

The latest version of the popular battle royale title introduces Royale Pass Season 10, which is themed "The Fury of the Wasteland” inspired by the movie “Mad Max Fury”. Players will be offered new desert-themed weapons, vehicles, apocalypse guardian set, desert trooper set, snowflake girl set, and irradiated frog set are going to some of the new costumes and skins as they progress through the tenth Royale Pass Season. Those who purchase the Royale Pass will also be rewarded with additional items and exclusive desert-themed skins. PUBG Mobile has also confirmed a new “The Ruins” map in Team Death Match mode.

TDM The Ruins

A new Vikendi-exclusive submachine gun called MP5K will replace the Vector and is capable of firing 900 rounds per minute with minimal recoil, and a new vehicle Zima also introduce in this 0.15.5 update as well.

PUBG Mobile is also rumored to bring a new character called Sara that has catchphrases of “You’re as important to me as an engine in a car,” and “Whether it’s taking cars apart or fixing them, I can do it all.” So, are you excited to try out the new weapon and map with this new Update? Go to your store to UPDATE it now!