Qualcomm reveals 8K Video Recording on Snapdragon 865-powered prototype phone

It's great to see 8K content available for 8K TV.

Video resolution is getting much better over time. 2020 is another year to let all tech giants showcase their 8K TV, accordingly, you've also seen in this year at CES 2020.

Most of the idea over the internet has shown up to critically state how useless 8K TV is at while there is currently no 8K content, even the demo video that uses to playback is an upscaled content.

Qualcomm just recently shares video footage to show about 8K video recording on its prototype smartphone which powered by its current flagship chipset Snapdragon 865. The video resolution and color graded are ingenious and impressive.


This video expresses how Qualcomm's flagship chipset working powerfully to shoot that such high-resolution video. Along with Snapdragon 865, the video was shot in Arizona last November using Sony's IMX586 camera. Indeed, Qualcomm did shoot this video before the chipset was even released. The video's natural sceneries include the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and the Petroglyphs near Antelope Canyon.

8K Video Screenshot

Qualcomm praises for making this possible their latest Spectra 480 Image Signal Processor (ISP) present in the Snapdragon 865. The Spectra 480 ISP handles images and videos at a blazingly fast 2 Gigapixels per second in the event you are out of the loop. This supports up to 200MP and includes unlimited HD 960fps slo-mo video recording, 8K video recording, 4K HDR, and more.

You'll probably know about the next Sony Xperia, which is expected at MWC 2020 this year, also rumored to implement a camera system with 8K video recording ability.

The last things you might consider are the phone's internal storage and heat, while only 4K shooting consumes the huge capacity of storage and device temperature jumps to unbearable heat. So will the 8K recording smartphone be practical or just a gimmick?