Qualcomm won’t make their own-gaming phone as rumors said

Is it good to get started?

Qualcomm has just recently revealed the latest Snapdragon 888. Honestly, it is a groundbreaking chip, bringing with the integrated 5G modem an unparalleled performance boost. Qualcomm answered several questions when engaging with the media on the first day of the case. Say, when asked about the rumor of building its own-brand gaming phone, it strongly denied it.

To help demonstrate advanced technology, they have produced a lot of public version prototypes for their partners, said Qualcomm. 
“We will continue to do so in the future. But they will never be sold on the open market.”

They also stressed that these public reference machines have not been established and developed in compliance with the expectations of the consumer market.
“In addition, we do not intend to change the business model. Except for technology demonstration, we will not use any excuse to make smartphones.”


This year's Snapdragon 888 public reference machine, judging from the official photo, has a wide forehead and a black chin. Indeed, we mean it is far from the present conventional industrial type.

As a note, as Qualcomm is producing its own smartphone, there were reports back in October. It was announced at the time that ASUS would be in charge of designing and producing the hardware. As ASUS and its ROG department have been specializing in producing gaming goods for a while, we figured it was a fair option. Qualcomm, on the other hand, was said to develop the 'industry architecture' and software running on top of its 875 Snapdragon platform.

We have heard so many reports about the coming Qualcomm smartphone that many of us were sure that parts and components such as screens, memory, cameras, batteries, and cooling systems will probably be shared by the next ASUS ROG phone and Qualcomm's gaming phone.