Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 rumored the same foldable design to Motorola Razr

Motorola Razr-style foldable has been on trending.

Samsung launched its first foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold, that you can fold it vertically by transforming from a one-hand hold phone to a tablet. Foldables continues to give a hype and will catch up in 2020. Most phone manufacturers will introduce their take on the foldable concept whether it's a clamshell or double fold, but we're most hyped about trying out the second-gen foldable phone from Samsung and it's going to be named Galaxy Fold 2.

Samsung, a Korean tech giant, has been rumored to launch a clamshell design in the Motorola Razr style and make this next foldable phone with the second iteration much more affordable. Chinese media gave us a first look at what the Galaxy Fold 2 looks like.

Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung is going with the clamshell design for Galaxy Fold 2. This looks the same as the foldable clamshell design seen earlier this year at Samsung's SDC 2019 developer conference. It's featuring a hinge down the middle and it looks like the Galaxy Fold 2 will fold in. When it folded, it may not have a break as seen in the original Galaxy Fold. On the right, there's a power button and volume rocker, at the left there's a USB Type-C port and speaker, and well there's no 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Once we take a closer look at the foldable inside screen, let's talk quickly about what's on the outside. Galaxy Fold 2 uses a dual-camera system with what looks like a mini OLED screen to view outside time, date, alarms or incoming notifications. You will most likely be able to see the identification of the caller from this thumbnail view and reject calls. It's going to be your phone for a quick look.

Opening the Galaxy Fold 2 will expose a concept that is distributed across the board. You can see wider bezels that may be required to better protect the foldable panel, as well as a selfie camera oriented punch-hole. The screen appears to be an all-around 21:9 display with identical bezels and a new flexible glass layer Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG), as per the leaks, on top.

Samsung is expected to launch the second-gen Galaxy Fold in February next year alongside the Galaxy S11 flagship series. The rumor mill also indicates that the forthcoming Fold smartphone is not going to be a flagship, but target the mid-range market instead. It has long been speculated to be priced around the USD1,000 mark and will be powered by the newly launched Snapdragon 765 chipset if it brings 5G network support.