Samsung Galaxy S20 series will appear along with Galaxy Bloom in February

February will be another awesome month to see new technology for 2020 after CES 2020.

Samsung has announced many techs at CES 2020, not just only its existing products, even personal assistant robot Ballie and artificial human Neon got unveiled.

The Korean giant revealed two "Lite" smartphone editions of its last year's models, Galaxy S10 and Note 10. It's a time to seek the actual next updated flagships. Before CES 2020 was held, Samsung did make an invitation to its unique Unpacked Event as well as an expectation of the next's flagships' arrival in February this year.

Unpacked Event

There's been rumored in many perspectives, even the name of the next flagship smartphones, how they look, and also their specs. The reports suggest their lineups might be called S11e, S11, and S11 Plus, but later also S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra that was reportedly confirmed by DJ Koh, head of mobile operations in CES 2020.

Galaxy 20 Series and Bloom

Recently, Ice Universe tweeted about some specs of the S20 that might be awesome to take here. Samsung may bring up the 2K 120Hz to S20's users and there's also rumored its cancellation which might not be true due to misunderstanding, said the report.

Previously, we heard that the S20 series might use the new custom 108MP that probably won't able to see it in all models in these lineups while the report said S20 and S20 plus will use only the new 12MP sensor.

Specs of S20 Series

Another confirmation is made as well as the foldable model will be called Galaxy Bloom rather than Galaxy Fold 2 that will make its debut on February 11, 2020, along with the S20 series. The name can be assumed to be true to its leaked foldable mechanism that is different from the previous-gen Galaxy Fold. However, it has a different opinion about the "Galaxy Fold 2" will probably an official name when it comes to market rather than "Galaxy Bloom" which is just a codename for its pre-production.

Galaxy Bloom

Otherwise, only one month left to wait for the actual Unpacked Event. As the Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy Bloom have reportedly been unveiled in February, it's hyped to see their appearance in public eyes.