Samsung unveils a tiny ball personal companion robot Ballie at CES 2020

Play with a rolling robot?

In 2017, Sony announced a cute Aibo companion robot dog. Instead, Samsung announces its rolling ball as a personal assistant robot that is called Ballie. Yes! it's a ball robot.

Samsung Ballie

If you are a fan of Star War, you will know BB-8. Ballie is a BB-8-like robot that Samsung brought to the stage, did a greeting, and then demonstrated his true ability as a personal companion.

Ballie isn't just a play toy that's going to follow you and your kids around, but it is designed to take care of all your personal needs and to support you in your home. Samsung has developed Ballie to be your companion that can assist and take care of you. This has included a multitude of sensors as well as a camera in this small ball-like robot to detect and pro-actively respond to its surroundings.

Ballie on CES Stage

According to its promo video, Ballie will be the first to wake up in the family early in the morning and take on the challenge of waking up everyone else. It can open smart curtains, wake up alarm, and then prepare coffee to give you your morning needs to start.

Billie's going to take it on its own to keep you fit. Not only can it turn on the smart TV and robot vacuum, but if the need arises, it can also call for help. It will automatically detect someone who has fallen and can't get up. It will even take care of a dog while you're away and will send you photos/videos.


At its CES 2020 keynote, Samsung has only shown this cute little robot on stage and how Ballie works around as your companion, without information about the price and availability.