Samsung unveils a truly bezel-less 8K QLED TV at CES 2020

Stunning bezel-less device is coming officially by Samsung.

Many companies are getting their product announcements out of the way as we head into CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Following reports that Samsung will launch an 8K television with no bezels, the South Korean giant has now revealed its completely bezel-less 8K television at CES 2020.

The Samsung Q950 comes with a design that eliminates the bezel, and Samsung says that the TV has a 99 percent screen-to-body ratio, which is the highest ratio on the TV market. The TV is only 15mm thick and can be mounted flush with the wall to make it look even more impressive.

Bezel-less TV by Samsung

Display Features

Samsung also announced that each product in the company's 8K QLED line-up would meet the 8K Association's recently partnered certification requirements and also meet the CTA 8K Ultra HD Display Definition specifications.

Samsung also states the Q950 is the world's first TV to allow native 8K playback and the AV1 codec to support 8K films. In 2020, Samsung's entire 8K line-up will be launching with built-in capabilities. Of course, 8K content is not available on the market yet, but Samsung has designed its 8K TVs with its Quantum 8K Processor to update non-8K content.

Audio Features

To improve the sound quality on the TV, Samsung has placed speakers on all sides of the show, along with subwoofers in the back, and the company uses a technology called ' Object Tracking Sound+ ' which uses AI to align the sound movement with the object movement on the screen. That also sounds ridiculous, so we can't give an opinion about it without first experiencing it.

Samsung's new 8K QLED TV also brings a ton of other features and technologies into the living room, features such as an Active Voice Amplifier that increases the volume of dialog when there is a nearby vacuum cleaner or blender, according to Samsung's press release.

Samsung has yet to announce details on pricing or availability for its new 8K QLED TV line-up, but it is fair to assume that by any measure they will not be cheap.