Say good-bye to iTune, try this new app for your Mac

A new macOS kills an 18 years old iTunes, but it still can be used in old version of macOS and Windows.

We have been waiting for Apple to get rid of its iTunes app for macOS and give us a new way for it. With Catalina's update, as a result of the new update of macOS, Apple stopped using iTunes by changing to new Apple Music, Apple Books, Apple Podcast apps, and Apple TV which give you everything you love.

Here’s how you can have it on your Mac.

Apple's created it fairly simple to maneuver from iTunes to its new music service in Catalina. For example, music that you've bought through iTunes or imports from elsewhere is obtainable within the new Apple Music app.

Moreover, music playlists you created in iTunes will come to sight in the new app -- you won't have to move anything. Do not worry, you still can use iTunes gift cards and credit cards to buy music through the iTunes Store. Check below to see how to get set up and start to enjoy your music world.


1. In the Dock, click the Music app to get started.

2. When prompted, get your Apple ID and password to sign in to the iTunes Store.

3. Tap the Get started listening button, and the Music app will pull in your iTunes playlists -- both the ones you've built and the smart ones iTunes made for you. 

4. If none of your music is showing up and you sync your music library with Apple Music or iTunes Match, tap the Show all music button up at the top of the Music app. You can also choose the All Music option from the View menu to see all your songs.

Use the iTune Store

iTune Store

1. In the Music app, tap iTunes Store.

2. Apple's music store should look familiar to you, with new music running down the center of the App's window, charts over on the right, and music that might interest you near the bottom.

Sign up for Apple Music

Apple Music

If you are interested, you can also sign up for Apple Music -- Apple's similarly named subscription music-streaming service. 

1. Tap For You, which is at the left side of the sidebar to check out Apple Music, that you could stream songs, listen to curated playlists and tune into radio stations.

2. Click Try It Now to get a free trial for 3 months. After the trial ends, Apple Music is USD 9.99/month. After you sign up, do not forget to add a reminder to get an alert after the 90 days trial is finished so you would not get charged if you do not want to continue on.

You can also try the Apple TV app for streaming movies, and TV shows. Audiobooks are also available in the Apple book app. For more on Catalina, here’s you can go for a full look here