Secure your device activities by ProtonVPN

Get a ProtonVPN for securing your activities on all of your devices, and it's coming with Free Plan.

What is VPN? VPN is an acronym of Virtual Private Network which secures you and gives you the encrypted connection over a less secure network. It means that if you are browsing the things on the internet over Public Network, it will create a safe connection by changing your IP address to another location to avoid showing your actual location.

You have probably known it, or just know it at this moment and you have been trying to find a VPN client which is suitable to every your requirement, i.e. free to use, no annoying ads, easy to connect, or some of the locations being able to choose from, YES! maybe ProtonVPN could help you.


A Swiss-based VPN, ProtonVPN is not completely free to use, but a freemium one coming with several plans such as Free, Basic, Plus, and Visionary. It actually comes with Free Plan, then you could try it. This VPN supports various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and even Linux.