Sharing contents between laptop and mobile by Opera Flow

Sending the contents over internet connection by My Flow is really easy and uncomplicated.

Getting a USB storage to copy your contents, or plugging your USB cable to transfer your data between laptop and smartphone are now considered to be a traditional way. Of course, you can transfer your large data by these ways easily without an internet connection. In any circumstance, you don't have any USB storage or cable to transfer your contents. There are many ways to do it instead and one of them is sending content using Opera Flow.

My Flow is a content sending function integrated into the Opera Browser for Windows and Opera Touch for both iOS and Android.


How to use my Flow?

It's really easy. But don't forget to connect your devices to the internet at the time you send and get the contents. It requires an internet connection to view, download, and upload your content. There are two ways to use My Flow, using on Flow the address bar or FAB (Fast Action Button, available in Opera Touch). You will get a small notification badge appearing on My Flow in the menu bar when new content is sent. New content will appear in My Flow with information on the device which sent it and the timestamp of its arrival. Web contents, videos, and other media in My Flow can be opened in a new tab or interacted with directly there. Even more, when you get the embedded media such as YouTube videos, you can tab to play the video in My Flow.