Sony announces PlayStation 5's logo and hardware features at CES 2020

We actually can't wait to see the PlayStation 5, but at least.

PlayStation 5 is one of the hyped gadgets expected to reveal how it looks at CES 2020. Sony took the stage with a quick tease for the PlayStation 5 during its presentation, unfortunately, the physical look isn't revealed, although it was hardly the revelation that anyone had been waiting for.

The quick tease on the CES stage shows us just only the new PlayStation logo and its hardware features.

PS5 Logo

Jim Ryan, PlayStation's CEO, was on hand to show the updated PlayStation 5 logo to the public for the first time. The new logo is unveiled which looks exactly like you thought it was. It's the very same design we had for the PS4, really, but instead replacing "4" with "5". PlayStation 5 will arrive in this year's holiday, Ryan said.

PS5 Hardware Features

Ryan also went through some of the hardware features of the PlayStation 5, including 3D audio effects, haptics, and adaptive triggers, super-high-speed Storage, hardware-based ray tracing, and a full HD Blu-ray player.

While the PS5 has not yet been publicly released, Ryan has indicated that Sony expects to reveal additional information in the months ahead. We hopefully see the update of the PlayStation as soon as possible. You are probably like us. 2020 has just started, so it will be a while. Either way, even with little tidbits, it's good to hear from Sony.