Sony revealed the new Back Button attachment for PlayStation DualShock 4

Your gaming should be more impressive and truly competitive.

Where is PlayStation 5? Let's skip this question for a moment, let's see which update will be introduced by Sony. Just recently, Sony revealed its Dualshock 4 controller's official attachment, called the Back Button Attachment. As the name suggests, this adds a button and a pair of paddles to the controller's back.

Back Button Attachment

The new addition is connected via the port at the controller's bottom to the Dualshock. The paddles can be controlled from anywhere else on the controller with up to 16 functions, such as Triangle or R1. The attachment also features an integrated round OLED screen that tells you at that moment what each key will be mapped to in real-time. Pressing the bottom of the screen helps you to restore the buttons as you see fit. It also has an audio jack passthrough that it covers up.


How will this attachment work? According to PlayStation Blog, the Back Button allows you to use more of your hand to shorten your reaction time and make competitive gaming more versatile.

Due to it's built for PlayStation 4 and VR, the attachment supports all titles. The Back Button Attachment will be available to order for USD29.99 in the U.S. and Canada on January 23, 2020.