Sony unveiled a new "2×2 On-Chip Lens" to its mobile image sensor

As we heard, Oppo possibly uses 2x2 On-Chip Lens technology in its flagship Find X2.

The end of 2019 is near, Sony has unveiled another new technology to its mobile image sensor for, as it says, bringing faster focus, higher resolution, sensitivity, and higher dynamic range. This "2x2 On-Chip Lens Solution" has been recently described on the official website of Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group.

Sony designed a new structure of pixel to archive this new OCL technology. Unlike, conventional on-chip lenses were placed on each pixel, and OCL is rather mounted on top of the image sensor pixels, a Japanese tech giant described. Though, four adjacent pixels with the same color share one on-chip lens in 2x2 OCL.

Conventional vs. OCL

2x2 OCL also gives an advantage to its image sensor that the imaging pixel can be used as a detection pixel and detect across all pixels which means the sensor is able to focus on even small objects with high accuracy as its result.

Focus Area

As you've seen, there are no gaps between pixels and it's a reason to make phase difference detection get better performance, even in low light intensity.

Sony also claimed 2x2 OCL will help to improve the resolution to get the high-quality image, sensitivity to increases the efficiency of light utilization, and dynamic range to get a better HDR output image.

Sony always gives a surprise with its new imaging technology that we've seen such as Super slo-mo and ToF (Time-of-flight) sensor. And this OCL technology is expected to be another great piece of imaging technology for the smartphone in 2020.