Sony unveils the new PlayStation 5 officially

How powerful will it be? How much does it cost?

Sony PlayStation 5 was revealed and the actual design has been kept in secret that made everyone sigh.

Finally, Sony announced the PS5 with the design language of previously-revealed DualSense by combining white and black colors together. It really looks totally different from the previous gen and its rival Microsoft Xbox Series X.
Sony showed off two editions of the PlayStation 5, just PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. The difference between Digital Edition from the original is disk-less. Sony seems to promote the digital thing by dropping the disk. Yeah, even most laptops from almost all manufacturers dropped the optical disk. This sounds the same thing.

After the reveal of the design, many opinions and impressions are everywhere on the internet,  love-hate-meh. For us, it's distinctive, and yet it looks elegant, it's also bold. As mentioned above, the design of the console also looks fine with the DualSense Controller next to it.

PS5 and its accessories

Not just only both editions of PS5 themselves, Sony also revealed some of the white-black designed accessories, including new gaming headsets, DualSense dock, remote controller, and gaming camera.