Sony's boss confirmed PlayStation 5 launches Holiday 2020

The current PlayStation 4 has many great games and the next-gen PlayStation 5 should be backward compatible.

On October 08, 2019, Jim Ryan, who is represented as president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), confirmed in PlayStation Blog that the coming of the successor of PlayStation 4 (PS4) will be on holiday 2020. The successor will be named by incrementing a number and called PlayStation 5 (PS5). 

PS5 PlayStation Blog

"Since we originally unveiled our next-generation console in April", said the original PlayStation Blog-- you can imagine and take note of an incredible and wonderful time to see the new generation of a home console.

Moreover, SIE's boss mentioned the "more" and it refers to a new controller that will ship with PS5. The name of the next-gen PS5 controller isn't told yet, however, it should be called Dualshock 5 which may deepen the feeling of immersion while you play games, said Jim Ryan. 

Even more, there are 2 key innovations which briefly described. First, it's haptic feedback and will replace the rumble technology found in controllers. Second, it's called adaptive triggers.

The PlayStation 5 will be equipped with a new CPU based on AMD’s Ryzen line and a GPU based on its Navi family. Its design has been revealed everywhere on the internet, and it looks crazy and incredible. The new rendered design is extremely different from the current PlayStation 4 which looks like a sandwich. According to rendered pictures, you've probably seen already, are expected to be true. Here are some rendered pictures are credited to LetsGoDigital.

PS5 Rendered 1PS5 Rendered 2

PS5 Rendered Unknown

The picture above shows us a designer's name, Yasuhiro Ootori, and as an unknown device. It able to be assumed that it's probably the next-gen PlayStation, even Sony has a lot of business units related to electronics, but this one is Sony Interactive Entertainment, a video game and digital entertainment company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Japanese Technology Giant.

Therefore, you can imagine the new look of PlayStation and wait for its actual hardware which is coming next year.