Surface Pro X gets torn down and reveals the most repairable Surface Pro ever

Microsoft made a great decision on a new wise design for the latest ARM-powered Surface to get an incredible score to be one of the most repairable tablets ever.

The new Surface Pro X from Microsoft reflects in more than one way a new path for the business. Surface Pro X is one of the most repairable tablets on the market today according to iFixit and thanks to a few wise design decisions. 

Surface Pro X SSD Removal

It begins with how Microsoft has integrated the SSD into the Surface Pro X. All you need to use is a SIM ejecting device in the compartment holding the ride— a paperclip will do in a pinch as well. To get to the internal storage, you don't have to pry off the screen. This is good for many reasons, but the thing many potential Pro X users would probably appreciate is that they can quickly update the SSD on their own.

Surface Pro X Screen

The screen can also be isolated from the main body much more quickly than with many other tablets. To make it workable, you don't need to add heat or solvents to the foam adhesive. That said, to remove the screen you'll still need a steady hand and steel nerves, but it's a significant departure from how most manufacturers currently design their tablets.

Some highlights of repairability include that you only need a Torx screwdriver to remove all the screws and that most parts, including the two USB-C ports, are interchangeable. "Microsoft seems to have put at least one foot on the repair train— between this Pro X and the Laptop 3, we can hardly believe all the repair-focused improvements they've made!" iFixit says.

6/10 iFixit Score

The company gave the Surface Pro X a repairability score of 6 out of 10 after completing the teardown. Repairability, like water resistance, is one of those aspects that doesn't matter until it becomes a device's most important aspect. Something will eventually break in your system— usually at the worst possible moment. You can appreciate the fact that you can fix yourself when it does.

Surface Pro X Teardown